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3 Months Free Energy Plan

Are you sitting around in the dark, living without electricity, or hesitating to move into a new place because you’re worried you won’t be able to afford the utilities? Concerned about having enough cash for a hefty deposit?

Stop worrying and call Peso Power today. We have the answers to all of your energy-related questions and concerns—including a “3 Months FREE Energy” Plan!

As the #1 provider of prepaid, postpaid, and small business energy plans in the deregulated Texas energy market, Peso Power has unbeatable plans and rates that are guaranteed to fit your needs—and your budget.

Still not sure? What about THREE full months of FREE Energy? Yes, you read that right—Peso Power is now offering a “3 Months Free Energy” Plan to our valued customers.

Your caring, professional Peso Power team wants to make sure you have the opportunity to take advantage of this major money-saving promotion, so read on for the details on how to get hooked up with Peso’s unmatched services.

Get “3 Months Free Energy”—with no long-term contract!

  • In addition to getting hooked up quickly (as soon as same-day service, and sometimes in as little as two hours, depending on your location), you can score an amazing rate without being locked into a long-term contract.
    • Peso Power gives you the freedom to sign up for the perfect power plan without binding commitments.
  • Instead of paying for your first three months of utilities, Peso Power wants to welcome you to our efficient energy family by providing the first three months FREE!
    • Take that much-needed money you would’ve spent on your power bill and spend it, save it—it’s up to you! At Peso, the customer is in control, not the power company.
  • Whether you’re on the hunt for a free prepaid energy plan, green choice electricity that’s environmentally-conscious, an affordable, dependable plan for your small business, or a free energy plan with more traditional postpaid options, Peso Power has exactly what you want and need—just reach out for more information.
  • Your savings will start to stack up from the moment you enroll in one of Peso’s many appealing plans, including the “3 Months Free Energy” promotion, which is available for all customers.
    • Don’t let your anxiety over qualifying for services stop you from taking that first step—at Peso Power, EVERYONE is approved!
    • If you’ve been wondering how to get free energy with a less-than-perfect financial situation, it’s important to note that Peso Power offers NO deposit electricity, NO SSN/ID requirement, and NO credit check needed for enrollment.

Advantages of Choosing Peso Power’s “3 Months Free Energy” Plan

  • Take control of your finances and get your power turned on the same day you sign up. Start saving cash immediately with this amazing promotion.
  • At Peso Power, the savings don’t end once your first three months are up—we offer the most competitive rates, flexible payment plans and options, and regular deals and discounts you simply can’t pass up.
    • Do offers like Free Nights Energy and Free Weekends Energy sound appealing to you? Then you’ve come to the right place!
    • Unlike our competitors, we work around the clock to find more ways to save you time and money.
  • Speaking of working around the clock, another advantage of enrolling in Peso Power’s “3 Months Free Energy” plan (as well as any of our prepaid, postpaid, and small business energy plans) is that you can ALWAYS get help when you need it.
    • Questions about your account? Need help with your service? Want to change plans or payment options?
    • The Peso Power customer service team is there for you 24/7 to ease your worries and ensure you’ve got everything you need.
  • Everyone is approved with Peso. Your Peso Power team firmly believes in the notion that affordable electricity you can count on shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury that is only available to some—it is a necessity for all.
    • That’s why you can enroll today in any of our plans, including our “3 Months Free Energy” plan, with NO deposit (only a small amount down on your account to get started), NO I.D./SSN check, and NO credit check requirement to keep you from getting your power turned on with Peso Power.
  • Let’s review the reasons you need to reach out to Peso Power and get signed up for the “3 Months Free Energy” plan today:
    • Unbeatable savings—from day one!
    • Continued great rates and flexible payment options after the first three months
    • Superior customer service available 24/7
    • Prepaid electricity, postpaid electricity, and small business energy plans available
    • No long-term contracts to make you feel locked in
    • Same-day service activation (as fast as two hours, depending on where you live)
    • Guaranteed approval—NO deposit, NO credit check, and NO SSN/I.D. required!

Today is the day! Don’t waste your time being left in the dark—literally! 

Call, email, or chat with a trained, professional Peso Power customer service representative today to get hooked up with the perfect power plan for your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Your Peso Power team member will review all of your options with you to make sure you’re fully satisfied with your choice. Let the savings begin—call Peso Power right away!

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