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Price Volatility

Utility rates are not constant. Have you been quoted different prices for electricity rates at various points in time? There are reasons why. A number of various factors can influence the rise and fall of prices during certain periods of time. The rise and fall of electricity prices is known as price volatility.

If you’ve found yourself wondering about price volatility as it relates to your electricity plan in Texas, Peso Power is here to address your questions or concerns.

Read on for some valuable information about price volatility in the electricity industry, and how you may be affected.

Why do electricity rates change?

Texas residents who live in deregulated areas have the freedom to choose their electric provider, instead of being made to utilize the services of only one in particular. This creates a competitive market of electricity suppliers. For consumers in Texas, this competitive market helps produce lower energy prices for our customers.

Peso Power, the #1 prepaid electricity provider in Texas, works hard to find the best deal when purchasing units of energy from various electricity-generating companies competing in the open energy market.

When we are able to score a great price, in turn, the savings are passed on to you – our customer. Peso Power is always on the lookout for the best energy prices to save you the most money on your energy bill.

How do Peso Power’s pay-as-you-go electricity plans work?

Prepaid electric plans are an easy way for residents living in deregulated areas of Texas to control their power usage and bills.

  • By paying ahead of time for your utility usage, before you use it, you are more likely to use less and pay less. This type of pay-as-you-go plan lets you track your habits in real time with a Smart Meter, so predicting upcoming usage and cutting costs is much easier.

How do “fixed-rate” power plans work?

If you feel that a fixed-rate electricity plan works best for you, you will be able to lock in a set price, also known as a fixed rate, for your energy usage.

  • That fixed-rate price applies to each kilowatt-hour during your contract.

Why do my electricity rates fluctuate from time to time?

When you’re a Peso Power customer, you may notice that the energy rates you are quoted rise and fall occasionally. This is based on our forecast models.

  • Our predictive forecast models dictate the amount Peso Power anticipates paying for units of electricity over the length of the contract. Shorter contract lengths usually mean lower rates, and the longer the contract length, the more the rate will likely be.
  • This is due to the fact that the longer the contract, the more Peso has to anticipate an upswing in utility costs that may occur during that timeframe.
  • This may explain any higher rates that you may have been quoted recently, or a variation in rates quoted during different periods of time.

You can trust that your Peso Power team works tirelessly to provide our customers with the best, most competitive energy rates on the market. We are in the business of making sure every Texas resident can get connected easily and quickly with the most dependable electricity plans available.

When you’re on the Peso Power family, you don’t have to worry or wonder about your current account balance or status. Peso regularly updates our customers with important information relating to your account—daily, weekly, or monthly—the frequency depends on your personal preference.

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