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No Deposit Texas Electricity Company

One of the many reasons customers worry about enrolling with a new power company is the fear that they’ll have to plunk down a large amount of cash on a deposit. It can seem like a waste of money to those who truly need to save as much as possible.

What if you were able to enroll with a trusted, top-rated power provider in Texas that doesn’t require customers to pay a deposit for their utilities? You’re in luck—that’s exactly what you can expect with Peso Power.

At Peso Power, the #1 electric provider in Texas, you don’t have to worry about forking over a stack of money on a seemingly unnecessary deposit.

Instead, you simply pay a small amount down that goes directly to your account to get started. This way, the money you pay initially goes exactly where it should—to you and your account!

What is a “No Deposit” electricity plan?

In addition to enrolling with Peso Power without paying a deposit, you have several enticing options as far as services and plans that are offered.

  • Prepaid electricity no deposit plans give customers the ability to pay-as-you-go for power. In other words, a prepaid power plan means that you pay for your electricity before you use it, on the front-end.
    • Many customers choose to go the “pay-as-you-go” electricity route because it facilitates the ability to track and monitor your consumption more closely, thanks to electronic devices called Smart Meters.
    • Smart Meters record energy consumption data in real-time, allowing the company and the consumer to track their usage trends, scaling back whenever needed to stay on-budget for the remainder of the billing cycle.
  • Postpaid “no deposit lights” plans are also available with Peso Power. A postpaid plan, which is considered the most traditional option, requires payment at the end of the month after the energy consumption has already occurred.
  • Small business energy plans are offered by Peso Power to provide your company with the same competitive rates and dependable services made available to residential customers.
  • No matter which type of plan you choose to enroll in, Peso Power is the no deposit electricity company you can count on for exceptional rates, flexible options, and reliable utility services.

Benefits of a “No Deposit” electricity plan

  • Speedy service. Depending on where you live, you could have your new power services activated as soon as the same day you enroll with Peso Power, and in as little as two hours in some cases. Now that’s fast!
  • Quality customer service. Our team is ready and willing to assist you 24/7. Any answers to questions, concerns, or other assistance is only a call, email, text, or chat away.
  • Savings from the start. Since you don’t have to drop a stack of cash on a deposit, you can take those funds and spend that money wherever you need it, or even save it for a rainy day.
  • Guaranteed approval. There’s a reason why customers choose Peso Power as the #1 electricity provider in Texas—here, everyone is approved! In addition to enjoying the ability to pay NO deposit, Peso offers eligibility with NO credit check and NO I.D. or SSN required.
  • Flexibility. No long-term contract will make you feel trapped with Peso Power. We understand the need for freedom and flexibility, which is what we are proud to offer with our array of plans and payment options.
  • Pricing that can’t be beaten. At Peso, the savings don’t stop at the promise of no-deposit electricity. Peso Power offers consistently lower rates than the competition, in addition to regularly running specials, deals, and discounts that are bound to put a smile on your face (and extra cash in your bank account!).
    • Think promotions like “Free Nights Energy,” “Free Weekends Energy,” and even “3 Months Free Energy” plans when you sign up with Peso Power. Contact us as soon as possible to take advantage of these amazing deals.

Enroll in a “No Deposit Electricity” Plan from Peso Power Today!

Take back control over your life and your finances! Don’t let worry over the number in your bank account makes you feel like you don’t deserve the best rates and service from a top-rated power company.

It may seem hard to believe at first, but Peso Power truly lives up to our reputation as the light company with no deposit options that you can count on for first-class treatment.

We will work with you to accurately assess your current situation and explore all of our power options so you can make the best choice for your home and/or business.

Simply call, chat, text, or email the customer service team at Peso Power today

you’ll be glad you did! Reach out and let the savings and superior service begin right away with the best no deposit electricity Texas has to offer!

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