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Smart Meters

Are you tired of being in the dark when it comes to your utility usage and bills? Do you wish there was a way that you could monitor how much energy you and your family are actually using in order to cut down on the bill? You’re in luck!

Thanks to the development of electronic Smart Meters, Peso Power’s prepaid electricity plans, which are available to you with NO credit check, NO deposit, and NO SSN or ID required, allow customers to sit in the driver’s seat when it comes to tracking electricity usage.

What does a Smart Meter do? How can it help me with my utility bills?

Essentially, Smart Meters are electronic devices that collect and record electricity usage data in timed intervals.

The information that is collected by the Smart Meter is then communicated electronically back to the utility company.

Smart Meters usually record data in timed intervals of one hour or less. Smart Meters use wireless networks, also known as Wi-Fi connections, to transmit the collected data back to the power company.

This highly-detailed data relays the amount and frequency of power used during that time. The electric company takes the received data and uses that information for billing and account monitoring purposes as needed.

Peso Power customers can see this information in real-time, displayed on your Smart Meter in your home.

On your Smart Meter display, you’ll be able to see exactly when (what time of day) and where (like specific appliances or systems) you’re using the most electricity.

  • How can you use this information? Customers can use this feedback to plan for upcoming charges, or to cut back in areas of excess usage. Planning ahead of time helps you to budget and save money more wisely.
  • With prepaid electricity, you’re in control, not the utility company.
  • You’ll be updated about your power usage daily, weekly, or monthly with convenient online account management. Managing your account online also gives you the ability to estimate upcoming usage and control costs on the front-end, instead of after the fact.
  • By using Smart Meters, Peso Power is able to cut costs by eliminating the need for estimated billing. Peso is committed to the belief that when we save money, our customers should, too.
  • Want more? Peso Power will regularly analyze your usage data in order to provide you with energy-saving tips and tricks to cut your electricity expenses down even more.

How do you read a Smart Meter?

Smart Meters work to show you your electricity consumption data in real time to help you better manage your power usage and costs. With an in-home display, you can stay on top of things quickly and easily.

Below is an overview to read and interpret the data displayed on your Smart Meter from the comfort of your own home. You will find that they are pretty easy to understand.

  • First, you will notice that there are THREE displays on your Smart Meter.
    • The first display will let you know whether or not your Smart Meter is ON. When power is on, the display will read “CLS.” If your electricity is turned off, the display will read “OPN.”
    • The second display on your Smart Meter will show you how much electricity you have used for the current billing cycle. The usage is shown in kilowatt-hours, or kWh. Your total amount of electricity consumption for the current billing cycle is also known as your “cumulative usage.”
    • Finally, the third display on your Smart Meter shows your electricity demand reading number. This number is then used to calculate the amount of electricity being used by consumers in your area over periods of time.

Why should I enroll in one of Peso Power’s prepaid electricity plans?

  • Peso Power believes that EVERYONE deserves to be approved for cost-conscious, dependable energy.
  • In addition to NO credit check, NO deposit to pay, and NO SSN/ID required to sign up for Peso Power, you will benefit from tons of promotions and cash-saving specials.
  • Incentives like the Refer a Friend promotion, Free Nights Energy Plans, and more are an extra perk of enrolling with Peso Power.

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