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Peso Power is the #1 energy provider in Texas for a reason—we deliver consistent, quality service at unbeatable rates.

We also offer a range of power plans designed to meet the needs of all of our consumers—with an array of prepaid, postpaid, and small business energy plans.

What sets Peso Power apart from the competition? Peso offers affordable rates, exceptional service our consumers can count on, and flexible payment options to those living in deregulated areas of Texas.

What does the term “deregulated” mean? Most Texans will find that their utilities are “deregulated,” meaning that they have a choice in electricity providers.

Rather than being restricted to using the services of only one power provider, the highly-competitive, deregulated energy market in Texas results in a range of cost-conscious plans and service options for consumers.

With Peso Power, the customer is in control—not the power company. Choose which plan and/or service package best suits your needs and lifestyle.

You can choose from any of our flexible postpaid, prepaid, or small business energy plans.

In addition to our already unbeatable rates, the Peso Power team regularly rolls out new and exciting promotions, specials, and discounted deals to save you even more cash.

There’s no need to be left in the dark—Peso Power gets your power turned on quickly and efficiently, at a price that simply can’t be beat.

Our Mission: An Inclusive Energy Strategy

Having access to dependable, affordable utilities shouldn’t be seen as a luxury—it is a necessity! At Peso Power, we are firm believers that everyone needs and deserves access to reliable electricity options tailored to their individual needs—energy is not a “one-size-fits-all” concept.

Our all-inclusive philosophy means that everyone is approved at Peso Power! Bad credit? No credit? No problem! Enroll with Peso Power and quickly take advantage of one of our perfectly flexible, stress-free prepaid power plans.

Stop wasting time worrying about your financial situation. Don’t be left in the dark—reach out to Peso Power and get hooked up with an affordable energy plan you can count on when it matters most.

Peso Power, the #1 Texas energy provider, is here to help you start saving today!

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