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Free Nights Energy Plans

Get free nights and weekends electricity—no credit check required!

 Does free energy every night sound good to you? We thought so! When you enroll with Peso Power, the most reliable prepaid electricity provider in Texas, you can start enjoying free nights in no time.

Peso Power is proud to offer all of its valued customers the Free Nights Energy Plan. Start saving as soon as you sign up for prepaid electricity service—with no deposit, no credit check, and no long-term contract required.

free nights and weekends electricity

Free Nights and Weekends Electricity

At Peso Power, we feel that everyone deserves affordable, reliable electricity. No one should have to go without or stress over the monthly power bill.

That’s why prepaid electricity is so great—you can prepay for your power and monitor your usage for extra savings.

With the convenience of a Smart Meter, consumers can track their daily energy habits, cutting down whenever they need to in order to stay within their budget.  All of your information can be viewed and monitored in real-time—something you can’t get with traditional postpaid electricity providers.

Who might need free nights electricity? Anyone who may be watching monthly bills and wants to enjoy their nights worry-free will benefit from these cash-saving specials.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a deregulated area of Texas, you have the power to choose the electric provider that fits your budget and needs the best.

Peso Power’s no deposit, prepaid electricity plans give their customers the option to switch providers quickly and easily, without paying any penalties or extra fees.

Peso Power’s affordable, no-stress electricity packages include the following perks:

  • Nightly free power usage
  • No long-term contracts or binding commitments
  • No SSN or ID required to enroll
  • No credit check—a chance to get connected even if your finances aren’t perfect
  • Easy enrollment and same-day activation available
  • No termination fees to worry about
  • Start saving money right away
free nights electricity

So how does the “Free Nights Electricity Plan” work?

Are you interested in checking out Peso Power’s free night electricity plan? Read on for the details below.

  • Peso Power’s no credit check, no deposit plans include free nights that are simple and easy to enroll in—and they’re open to all of our customers across Texas.
  • Every Monday-Sunday night, between the hours of 9 p.m. to 5:59 a.m., get unlimited energy usage at 0.0 cents per kilowatt. Who wouldn’t want free electricity every night and weekend?
  • Sign up today and start saving immediately.

More customer plans, perks, and benefits

In addition to all of the savings, perks, and benefits listed above, Peso Power has even more to offer their customers. Here are some extra incentives for making the switch to Peso Power:

  • Plenty of Payment Options—Pay-as-you go options, also known as prepaid electricity plans, offer everyone the chance they deserve to get connected quickly with affordable electricity plans. Auto-pay options are also available for added convenience.
  • Alerts & Notifications —Even more, you will receive an alert whenever your account balance dips lower than approximately 3 days’ worth of electricity usage, giving you the chance to add more funds to your account to keep you covered. This way you can still monitor your usage up-front without risking loss of power.
  • Easy Account Access—Do you have email access? What about text messaging? If you have one or the other, you have all you need to get set up the same day with Peso Power. Once you’re signed up, you can completely control your account from your mobile device. Peso Power keeps you in the loop with your account info. by sending daily usage updates, as well as communicating your account balance to help you keep it current.

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With no credit check, no deposit to pay, and no SSN required, what have you got to lose? Get hooked up with Peso Power today!

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