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What Is Mechanical Energy?

Whether we know it or not, mechanical energy is an intricate and driving force in our everyday lives. In this blog, we delve deeper into the question, "What is mechanical…

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How Do Smart Meters Work?

It can be difficult trying to keep track of everything in today’s fast-paced world. If you’re trying to cut down on your monthly expenses, your power bill is one area…

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How to Switch Electric Companies in 2022

Are you unhappy with your current electric company? With record-breaking inflation continuing to raise prices on everyday expenses, you are most likely looking for ways to trim down your monthly…

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How Much Electricity Does a Refrigerator Consume?

When it comes to the biggest culprits of draining energy in your home, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to see your refrigerator at the top of that list. Refrigerators are…

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An Energy-Saving Checklist; Homes in Winter

As we approach the winter months, we should prepare ourselves and our property for every possible incident ahead. Most importantly, we should carefully perform a set of systematic tasks to…

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6 Beneficial Tips on Saving Energy When Using HVAC

The usual household in the U.S. spends over $2,000/year on energy bills. Nearly half of this energy is solely for heating and cooling expenses. Energy-saving can, however, be achieved very…

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