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How to Switch Electric Companies in 2022

Are you unhappy with your current electric company? With record-breaking inflation continuing to raise prices on everyday expenses, you are most likely looking for ways to trim down your monthly expenses.

Typically, your power bill isn’t the first expense that comes to mind when you’re trying to curb costs and stay within a budget. However, residents living in deregulated areas have their choice of power providers—and that choice means switching energy providers for better rates and service is always an option!

If switching electric company providers is of interest to you, consider the pros and perks of being a Peso Power customer.

At Peso Power, everyone is approved, regardless of your financial situation or credit score.

Let’s take a look at what Peso Power, the #1 retail energy provider in Texas, has to offer when you are looking at changing energy providers.

How to Switch Electric Companies?

One of the main benefits of living in a deregulated area of Texas—that is, an area where electric companies have to compete for business—is the ability to change electricity providers when you’re looking for improved rates and plans that are better suited to your budget and lifestyle.

  • As far as plans go, you may want to change electric providers if your current company only offers one rate or type of plan.
  • Peso Power offers traditional postpaid energy plans, as well as prepaid and small business plans.
  • In a traditional postpaid energy plan, consumers use energy and then pay for that electricity at the end of the billing cycle.
  • Prepaid energy plans allow customers to pay for their power consumption ahead of time—before it is even used.
  • This type of “pay as you go” plan allows customers looking to cut costs the ability to pay a predetermined amount for their energy, track their household’s usage, and scale back as needed to stay within the confines of that preset amount.
  • Small business plans give local entrepreneurs the ability to power their companies with the affordable, dependable service they need.
  • If you’re really ready to change electric company providers, Peso Power makes it easy. No contracts will leave you feeling locked in, and no hefty deposits are necessary to get started.
  • Simply reach out to one of Peso Power’s skilled customer service team members to start the switch.

Benefits of Prepaid Electricity

  • Prepaid energy plans with Peso Power put the consumer in control—not the power company.
  • By utilizing the helpful, user-friendly data displayed on Smart Meters, electronic devices that record and transmit real-time household energy consumption, customers can track their habits and even spot potential problems with appliances or devices.
  • Peso Power’s team also uses the data in order to develop customized energy-saving tips and tricks for customers.
  • Run out of funds before the end of the billing cycle? No problem! Peso Power makes it simple to quickly and easily add funds to your account to replenish the balance in a timely manner.
  • You will receive an alert if your account balance dips too low, giving you a heads-up when you need to add money to tide your account over.
  • The Peso Power team is constantly working on ways to save their customers even more on their power plans—whether you’re enrolled in one of their unbeatable prepaid, postpaid, or even small business electricity plans.
  • Specials, account credits, and promotions are regularly rolled out to help customers spend less on their power and more on other expenses—and in today’s costly market, every penny helps!

Stop overpaying for your utilities! Simply call, email, or fill out the form and let the team at Peso Power get you hooked up with affordable, dependable power plans you can count on!

At Peso Power, everyone is approved—they have prepaid, postpaid, and small business plans available with NO deposit, NO credit check, and NO ID/SSN required for enrollment!

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