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How Much Electricity Does a Refrigerator Consume?

When it comes to the biggest culprits of draining energy in your home, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to see your refrigerator at the top of that list.

Refrigerators are large, powerful, and used very frequently. Therefore, they use a great deal of energy in your household’s overall consumption.

Let’s delve a little more deeply into the fridge—energy usage relationship. What you learn may help you to curb energy usage—and cut your related costs—in the future!

Power Requirements for Refrigerators

In order to understand refrigerator power consumption, you need to first understand the basic building blocks of electricity.

  • The power consumption of refrigerator appliances is measured in watts and kilowatts (kW).
  • Watts are units of measure of electricity.
    • One watt represents only a very small amount of power.
    • Larger appliances, like your refrigerator, use kilowatts.
    • A kilowatt is equal to 1,000 watts of electrical power.
    • Power companies charge by kilowatts per hour.

How Many Watts To Run a Refrigerator?

If you’ve been asking yourself this question, you’re not alone! If you want to determine the wattage of your particular model of fridge, you need to first look inside the appliance and locate the sticker.

  • Power consumption in refrigerator models varies, so the sticker in your appliance will have data specific to your appliance.
  • Once you have located this sticker, find the numbers listed for volts and amps.
    • Multiply these two numbers together. The product is the number of kilowatts your fridge uses.
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What is Prepaid Electricity?

Prepaid electricity is an alternative to the more traditional billing method, postpaid power plans.

  • Prepaid electricity puts customers in more control over their power bill by allowing them to prepay a set amount for their power usage ahead of time, before any energy is actually used.
  • By enrolling in one of these “pay as you go” plans from Peso Power, customers can budget a specific amount for their utilities, and then monitor their usage habits to stay on track and within their predetermined budget.
  • How can consumers track their habits? Easy! Thanks to the technology offered by Smart Meters, consumers can easily access and interpret their household’s energy consumption in real-time.
  • Smart Meters are installed in the home, with a user-friendly display that clearly shows when and with what appliances/devices energy is being consumed.
  • Smart Meters also record and transmit that data to the team at Peso Power, who, in turn, use that information to develop customized tips and tricks to help consumers reduce their consumption and their costs!
  • Running too low on your account balance? Peso Power sends alerts if the balance dips a little too low for comfort, allowing customers to quickly and easily add more funds to tide the account over until the next billing cycle begins.
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