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How to Control Electricity Bills: Tips for Controlling Your Bill

A big stack of bills can be overwhelming. Looking for energy-saving tips to lower your monthly utility bill? There are many things you can do every day that really stack…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Electricity

Frequently Asked Electricity Questions What do you know about electricity? For the average consumer, it’s usually not too much aside from paying the monthly bill. Understanding your power bill is…

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Why Choose Peso Power as Your Electricity Provider in Texas?

With so many options to choose from, choosing an electricity provider in Texas doesn’t always seem so simple or straightforward. Luckily, Peso Power stands apart from the crowd as the…

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Why Electricity Companies Offer Energy Efficiency Rebates

In a deregulated energy market, utility companies face fierce competition when vying for customers’ business. For consumers, this is a win-win scenario—rather than being forced to utilize the services of…

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How to Avoid Overloading Electrical Outlets

It can be tempting to plug in an array of appliances or devices very close to one another, especially when that short distance makes your daily routine more convenient. However,…

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How Many Kilowatts Does a House Use? —The Power Required to Run an Average Home

How much do you know about kilowatts? Have you ever wondered how many kW (the abbreviation for kilowatts) does it take to power a house? Luckily, the team at Peso…

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