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How to Avoid Overloading Electrical Outlets

It can be tempting to plug in an array of appliances or devices very close to one another, especially when that short distance makes your daily routine more convenient. However,…

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How Many Kilowatts Does a House Use? —The Power Required to Run an Average Home

How much do you know about kilowatts? Have you ever wondered how many kW (the abbreviation for kilowatts) does it take to power a house? Luckily, the team at Peso…

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Everything You Should Know Before Moving to Texas

Are you planning an upcoming move to Texas? First of all, congratulations on your new adventure! If you’re moving to Texas, a smart move would be to brush up on…

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What is the Best Time to Do Your Laundry? Peso Energy-Saving Tips

During the scorching summer heat, your home’s major appliances can quickly start working overtime. In order to minimize putting unnecessary strain on your washing machine and clothes dryer, take a…

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What is a Surge Protector and How Does it Work?

Surge protectors—odds are, you’ve heard of them before…but what does a surge protector do? Great question! Let’s explore the definition and job functions of surge protectors, as well as how…

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The History of Energy Deregulation in Texas

What is deregulated energy? “Deregulated areas” of Texas refers to those cities in which residents enjoy the freedom of shopping around for their choice of power providers. The ability to…

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