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Why Electricity Companies Offer Energy Efficiency Rebates

In a deregulated energy market, utility companies face fierce competition when vying for customers’ business. For consumers, this is a win-win scenario—rather than being forced to utilize the services of only one power provider, they are in the driver’s seat!

Power companies in Texas consistently find themselves trying to outdo one another with unbeatable rates, promotions, and service options in order to prove their worth to consumers.

One such method of setting themselves apart from the crowd includes offering energy efficiency rebates to conscientious consumers.

A home energy rebate is a way to financially reward responsible citizens for using their energy wisely, particularly in a time when the world’s resources and climate conditions have reached a crisis point.

Below, we will explore the reasons behind the incentivized tax rebates for energy efficiency in 2021, what exactly that means for you as a consumer, and why Peso Power is always a cut above the rest.

Energy Efficiency

Not only is energy efficiency crucial for preserving the environment, but it also provides a way for consumers to curb utility costs—something that is usually welcomed by all.

  • As the world looks to shift more toward using renewable resources, such as solar and wind-powered energy, and depending less on non-renewable resources, like fossil fuels, energy efficiency is a hot topic in today’s society.
  • Rebates, which entails cashback or credited reimbursements, for energy-conscious consumers is a way to attract and retain customers. It is also a smart, mutually beneficial relationship—the more a power company can save, the lower rates they are able to offer consumers.
    • The result? Reliable, dependable service at lower costs for all involved—which, in a highly competitive deregulated energy market, means a great deal for both parties.
  • Power companies can either offer consumers cash or credit back on their accounts for utilizing low amounts of electricity, as well as tax breaks or reimbursements for keeping power consumption relatively low.
    • Offering these cash-saving options is a powerful marketing tool for spreading the word about a power provider, providing a necessary edge above the competition.

Prepaid Electricity and Power Efficiency

  • Prepaid electricity options play a pivotal role in consumers looking to lock in low rates from a reputable provider while also looking for additional ways to save.
  • Prepaid electricity works by allowing consumers the ability to pay a predetermined amount for their power before the billing cycle begins—that is before any power is actually used.
  • Consumers can keep a close eye on their household’s energy efficiency—or lack of—with the assistance of electronic devices called Smart Meters, scaling back as needed to stay on top of their budget and usage goals.
  • Smart Meters record and transmit a home’s energy consumption in real-time. That information is displayed for customers to read right on the display monitor, as well as being uploaded to their online account information.
  • Peso Power’s team also analyzes this data to provide consumers with customized tips and tricks for staying on track with their preset budget.
  • Consumers never need to worry about their account balance dipping too low for comfort.
    • An account alert is sent to Peso Power’s customers in this event, giving them the option to quickly and easily add more funds to tide the account over until the end of the billing cycle.
    • These alerts, along with other important account information, are sent via the consumer’s preferred method of communication, including online access, assistance by phone, or interactive text messaging.
  • For those who prefer the traditional method of paying for power consumption at the end of the billing period, after the user has already occurred, Peso Power also offers postpaid electricity plans.
  • Additionally, small business power plans are available for those looking to power their company with unmatched rates and fast, friendly service.

Are you ready to start saving on your electric bill every month?

If you’re interested in enrolling in flexible, affordable prepaid, postpaid, or small business power plans that reward you for your household’s energy efficiency, reach out to Peso Power today.

Worried about your finances? Don’t be! Peso Power guarantees that everyone is approved, and that includes offering plans and same-day service with NO credit check, NO deposit, and NO SSN or I.D. required for enrollment.

Join the energy efficiency movement and save money while shaping a brighter future for our environment.

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