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7 Reasons to Choose Prepaid Energy Plans in Texas

For consumers looking to trim their monthly expenses and save some major cash, prepaid energy is the way to go. What are prepaid electricity plans? Unlike postpaid plans, which most consumers are familiar with, prepaid plans offer “pay-as-you-go” solutions—where you pay for your utility consumption before you use it, instead of after the fact, like you do with postpaid plans.

Why are prepaid energy plans the best choice for Texans? Read on for the top 7 reasons you should enroll in a prepaid energy plan with Peso Power, the #1 provider in Texas.

  1. Stay on-budget and save!
  • The main, most important reason that you should consider enrolling in a prepaid power plan is that you can save a great deal of money. If you are a Texas resident living in a deregulated area, you have the ability to choose your utility provider, instead of being made to use the services of just one. This creates competition between a number of power providers, which results in competitive rates for customers!
  • Prepaid plans are a great way to set a monthly budget and stick to it. By paying for your power before you use it, you’re much less likely to get off-track.
  • With postpaid plans, customers are usually in the dark about their upcoming charges until it’s too late to do anything about it—when the usage has already occurred and the bill is due.
  1. Account access made easy.
  • It’s never been so simple to keep up with your prepaid power plan account. With Peso Power, you’ll not only be able to track your household’s usage through your in-home Smart Meter display—you can keep up by accessing your account online as well.
  • Additionally, you will receive important account-related alerts and updates through email and/or text messaging from Peso Power—whichever you prefer.
  • Peso Power’s skilled, friendly customer service team is also available 24/7 to address any concerns or problems you may have.
  1. Be “Smart” about your Usage with Smart Meters
  • Smart Meters, electronic devices that are installed in consumers’ homes, collect and record power usage data in “real time,” allowing you to track your usage through the device’s monitor itself, or by accessing your account information online.
  1. Simple Enrollment Process
  • The energy experts at Peso Power firmly believe that all residents deserve access to affordable, reliable energy services—despite your financial past.
  • Are you worried about your credit history, or concerned that you may not have the needed identification or documentation to get hooked up with power? Don’t worry!
  • Peso Power ensures that everyone qualifies—no credit check, deposit, or SSN/ID are required to enroll and get activated.
  1. You’re in control!
  • Prepaid energy plans from Peso Power put the consumer in the driver’s seat. You have access to and control over the amount of energy your household uses and pays for—no surprise charges at the end of the month.
  • No contract to lock you in also gives you a sense of freedom not available with some providers.
  • Take control over your power plan as a step toward saving more money and making smarter financial choices for your family.
  1. Get hooked up fast
  • All you need is a valid phone number and/or email address in order to get started—it all depends on how you prefer to receive communication about your account.
  • Activation with Peso Power’s prepaid power plans are as fast as same-day service.
  1. Straightforward rates
  • When you sign up with Peso Power, there are no complicated conditions or plans related to your service—everything is straightforward, clear, and easy to understand.

If you’re ready to start saving, get hooked up with service you can count on from Peso Power. Call, email, or visit and enroll today!

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