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Checklist to Find the Best Texas Prepaid Electricity Provider

Are you looking for the best prepaid electricity provider in Texas? Let us help! Choosing the right prepaid energy company to suit your needs and budget is an important decision to make. Luckily, for those living in deregulated areas in Texas, having a choice is key. Instead of being made to use only one utility provider, as is the case in a monopoly, Texans are able to benefit from a competitive market between power companies by scoring better rates on services. Read on for some very important factors to consider as you narrow your search for the perfect
prepaid electricity provider for you in your area.

Customer service counts

  • When you’re wondering how to choose the best electricity provider Texas has to offer, consider the level of customer service available to a particular company’s consumers. Peso Power, for example, has a team of skilled professionals readily available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  • At Peso Power, we firmly believe that everyone needs and deserves access to dependable, affordable electricity, and are committed to being there for our customers via email, text, or phone call 24/7.

Read up on requirements

  • Be aware that many companies may have a list of requirements for customers to enrollin a power plan. This may or may not be an issue for you, but it is imperative that you know what forms of identification or other documentation you will need to sign up with a particular service provider.
  • Peso Power makes sure that everyone qualifies—no credit check, deposit, ID or SSN isrequired to enroll.
  • All you need to sign up with Peso Power is an email address or phone number toactivate your services and manage your account directly.

Account updates and access

  • Once you’ve found a power provider you’re seriously considering enrolling with, another factor to consider is how frequently you will have access to your account, in addition to what updates you will receive.
  • Peso Power will send updates to you via your preferred contact method—via text or email. If your prepaid electricity account balance dips too low, you’ll receive an alert so that you can add funds to your account before the end of the billing cycle.
  • You will also be able to monitor and track your household’s energy consumption tomake sure you’re on track with your usage.

Smart Meter availability

  • Prepaid electricity is such a popular option with Texan consumers because it affords them the ability to pay for electricity before it is used, instead of the traditional postpaid plan, where you’re often left with a hefty bill and no choice but to pay the full amount or risk losing power.
  • Peso Power uses Smart Meters, electronic devices that are installed in the home torecord data and power consumption in “real time,” giving the customer control over monitoring their usage and cutting back whenever and wherever they need to make sure they stay within budget.

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