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Everything You Should Know Before Moving to Texas

Are you planning an upcoming move to Texas? First of all, congratulations on your new adventure!

If you’re moving to Texas, a smart move would be to brush up on the bills and expenses you’ll be looking at, including the Texas energy rate.

As with many monthly expenses, energy rates and services are not uniform nationwide but often vary state-to-state.

Energy companies in Texas

One of the most important things to know when planning a move to Texas is whether or not you’ll be living in a deregulated area.

  • What is a deregulated area? The term refers to a region in which one power company does not have a monopoly over the residents.
    • Instead, citizens residing in areas that have been deemed “deregulated” benefit from the freedom to choose their electricity provider.
    • This competition between Texas electricity companies results in competitive rates, offers, and services.
  • Customers in deregulated areas enjoy affordable energy in Texas for these reasons, including the ability to choose between prepaid or postpaid electricity plans.
  • Prepaid power plans are favorable to many Texans because they offer more flexibility and put the customer in control, instead of the utility company.
  • Prepaid plans allow customers the ability to pay for their energy usage ahead of time, or before the usage even occurs.
  • Paying a set amount prior to the start of the billing cycle makes consumers more likely to stay on track and within their predetermined budgets. Smart Meters make tracking usage habits possible—and very easy!
    • These electronic devices record a home’s utility usage in real-time, transmitting that data to the power company and consumer for analysis.
    • Customers on a prepaid plan can study that data to determine when they may need to scale back on their usage, as well as to spot a potential problem.
    • Peso Power, the #1 retail energy provider in the Lone Star state, efficiently uses the recorded data in order to formulate helpful tips and tricks to help keep costs low.
    • Postpaid plans are another option offered by Peso Power. These “traditional” plans are more commonly known, where you pay for utility usage at the end of the billing cycle, or after the power usage has already occurred.
    • While many consumers have no issues with a postpaid electricity plan, some struggle with the uncertainty over what their billed amount will be, with little to no “wiggle room” when the bill comes due.

Peso Power’s options for new Texas residents

Whether you’re in the market for a postpaid, prepaid, or small business energy plan, Peso Power has the right package designed to suit your unique lifestyle and budget-related needs. Before you make your office move to Texas, consider the benefits Peso Power’s plans have to offer:

  • Prepaid, postpaid, and small business electricity plans in Texas are available with NO credit check, NO deposit, and NO SSN/ID required for enrollment.
  • Regular specials and promotions to help you save even more money.
  • Skilled, dependable customer service with quick activation—same-day service is available depending on where you live.

Are you ready to make your move to the great state of Texas? Get started by enrolling in one of Peso Power’s unbeatable electricity plans—with NO credit check, deposit, or SSN/ID rules to worry about!

Call, text, or check out our affordable energy plans for more information!

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