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How Homeowners Can Benefit from Smart Meters

Have you heard about Smart Meters? These electronic devices aren’t just tech-savvy—they’re revolutionizing the utility industry!

If you’re a homeowner on the hunt for ways to curb costs and trim your monthly power bill, brush up on the basics of Smart Meters.

What are Smart Meters?

  • Smart Meters for your home are installed to record and transmit data to the power company, as well as the consumer.
  • With a user-friendly monitor on the device itself, this data is easy to read and interpret.
  • Additionally, customers can access and track their household’s energy consumption data through their electric company account with Peso Power.
  • Account access is easy to get to and information is readily available from Peso. Data from your home’s Smart Meter is regularly updated to reflect the most current information.

What are the advantages of Smart Meters?

  • Home Smart Meters for electricity boast an array of benefits, especially for consumers enrolled in one of Peso Power’s prepaid electricity plans.
  • Prepaid electricity is a power option that puts consumers in the driver’s seat. In addition to having the freedom to choose their power provider, Texans living in deregulated areas also have the ability to enroll in one of these “pay-as-you go” prepaid plans, where you pay for your utility usage on the front end, or before it actually occurs.
  • By setting a limit on how much you want to spend on power for the month, you can utilize Smart Meters to track your usage.
  • The ability to see and analyze the amount of energy being consumed in your household is the key to scaling back wherever and whenever necessary to cut costs as much as possible.
  • Peso Power will study your household’s usage information as well, using the data to formulate and send you pro tips on keeping your power costs low.
  • If you’re worried over setting a budget on a prepaid plan and exceeding the limit before the end of the current billing cycle, don’t be! Peso makes it easy to add funds to your account balance if it happens to dip too low for your liking.

Why pick Peso Power?

  • Peso Power always comes out on top when compared to the competition. In the competitive Texas energy market, Peso has made a name for themselves by offering affordable, dependable, top-quality energy plans and prices for all consumers.
  • At Peso, you’re not just another number—including the amount in your bank account. Guaranteed approval with Peso Power means NO credit check, NO deposit, and NO I.D./S.S.N. requirements will hold you back from getting hooked up with the best power company available.
  • In addition to prepaid energy, Peso Power also offers postpaid plans and small business energy plans designed with the consumer in mind.
  • No matter which plan you pick, Peso Power is consistently offering new and exciting promotions and specials to help you save even more money.
  • Reach out to a member of Peso’s skilled, knowledgeable customer service team today to explore the best options for your particular power needs and budget.

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