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What is a Surge Protector and How Does it Work?

Surge protectors—odds are, you’ve heard of them before…but what does a surge protector do?

Great question! Let’s explore the definition and job functions of surge protectors, as well as how they can keep you—and your home—as safe as possible.

Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are small devices that pack a powerful punch.

  • They are used to protect your major/large appliances from potentially damaging and very damaging power surges that occur for various reasons.
  • Homeowners and renters alike are encouraged to use surge protectors in their homes to provide the most electrical protection available from an electrical surge.
  • Now that we know what surge protectors actually are, we can delve more deeply into what they do and how they work.

How does a surge protector work?

Smart head-of-households know the importance of these devices. Keep your major appliances safe from being zapped by an overloaded rush of electricity with some serious know-how.

  • An electric surge protector has two main functions.
  • The first job of a surge protector is to safely allow multiple large or major appliances to share the same power outlet and run efficiently.
  • A surge protector’s second job is to protect these appliances from a sudden spike in electrical voltage that exceeds the designated level in the flow of electricity—also known as a power surge.
  • Power surges are dangerous because they greatly increase the risk of an electrical fire in your home.
  • They can also damage (sometimes irreparably) your appliances that are affected by the power rush.
  • Surge protectors work by distributing electricity evenly to the appliances that are plugged into a particular outlet.
    • When too much electricity passes through, the surge protector works by diverting that extra electricity through that outlet’s grounding wire.
    • A grounding wire provides an alternate pathway for the electrical current to pass through, protecting those appliances from overheating and potentially catching fire or causing other related damages.
  • Power surges can occur as a result of overloaded compressors and motors within large appliances switching on and off, lightning strikes, downed power lines, or faulty wiring configurations.

How can prepaid electricity protect against power surges?

Prepaid electricity allows price-savvy consumers the ability to keep a close eye on their electrical expenses by paying ahead of time for power.

  • Paying prior to consumption gives customers the knowledge needed to track their usage habits and adjust them as needed to stay within a set budget.
  • Running low on prepaid power account funds? No problem! Once you receive an alert from your Peso Power team, you can efficiently and easily add the funds you need in a snap.
  • Electronic devices called Smart Meters are installed in consumers’ homes to record and transmit real-time power usage data to both the customer and the power company.
  • In addition to the money-saving benefits associated with prepaid power plans, you can also use the knowledge gained from tracking household energy habits to spot potential problems—like power surges or improperly functioning/vulnerable appliances—in time.

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