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What is the Best Time to Do Your Laundry? Peso Energy-Saving Tips

During the scorching summer heat, your home’s major appliances can quickly start working overtime. In order to minimize putting unnecessary strain on your washing machine and clothes dryer, take a look at some of Peso Power’s top energy-saving laundry tips.

By carefully considering the best time to wash clothes, you’re saving energy, lengthening your appliances’ lifespan, and potentially saving a great deal on your energy bill.

Whether you take part in a prepaid or postpaid electricity plan, learn about the best time to do laundry for an all-around smart decision.

Best time to do laundry to save energy

Washing clothes and energy-saving tips don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Believe it or not, the time of day you choose to wash and dry your load of colors or whites actually does have an impact on your wallet.

  • The first factor to consider is the time of year you’re looking to make a change in your laundry routine. During hotter summer months, it is advised to get a head-start on your hamper-clearing efforts as early on in the day as possible—when energy demand is at the lowest level, and the sun’s heat is most at bay.
  • Wondering when to wash clothes to save energy in the colder winter months? The opposite advice is true for cooler temps. It is recommended to do laundry late at night for maximum energy-saving efficiency.
    • Winter washing and drying during evening hours is best because that’s when energy usage is at its lowest daily amount.
    • Earlier in the morning and throughout the day in the winter months is when people typically turn on their heaters, getting the energy usage going right away.

Top laundry tips for saving energy and money

Now that you’ve pinpointed the most energy-efficient (and cost-conscious) times of day to do your laundry based on the season of the year, there are some simple additional ways you can cut your power bill in no time.

  • Only run full loads—but don’t overload the machines. Running less than full loads frequently will cause your charges to rack up because this causes them to burn more energy each time they are powered on and complete a cycle.
  • While you want to run a full load, taking care to not shove too much into the machine is also important, because doing so not only risks damaging the appliance but can also cause it to have to work harder to clean or dry your clothes—which burns more energy. More energy used means a higher electricity bill!
  • Finally, another way to trim your power bill is to switch up your energy plan. Traditional postpaid electricity plans are what most people are accustomed to—paying for your energy at the end of the month, once the power usage has already occurred.
    • While this works well for some, others feel financially stressed not knowing how much energy they’re actually using throughout the month, only to be faced with a large bill at the end of the billing cycle.
    • Prepaid electricity options offer an alternate take on power plans. These plans put the consumer in the driver’s seat. With the use of Smart Meters, electronic devices installed in your home, you can easily see and track your household’s energy use habits in real-time, which affords the ability to scale back when needed to stay on budget.
    • The main difference between prepaid and postpaid plans lies in the billing aspect. With a prepaid plan, consumers pay for their utility usage ahead of time—before the usage occurs.
    • By setting aside a set amount for their power budget, customers can be more diligent about energy-efficient practices.

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