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What to Look for in a Prepaid Energy Provider

Let’s face it—today’s consumers want a prepaid electricity provider they can trust. In deregulated areas of Texas, where residents are able to choose the power company whose rates and services best meet their needs, the competition is fierce.

How can you find the right power provider for your household and budget? We’re here to help. Read on for the most important things to look for in a prepaid energy provider. Save time and money when you enroll with the company that’s best for you.

Hassle-free enrollment and activation
Beware of any power provider that requires a number of complicated steps, fees or deposits, and paperwork in order to get connected.

  • Peso Power, the #1 prepaid electricity provider in Texas, believes that signing up for a power plan should be simple and streamlined.
  • All you need to get started with one of Peso’s plans is a contact phone number and/or email address to receive important account-related communication and alerts.
  • Peso Power affords customers the ability to enroll in prepaid electricity plans, also called “pay-as-you-go” power, in which you pay for your electricity usage before you use it, instead of being stuck with a huge power bill after the fact.
  • Peso Power understands that access to dependable electricity is a right, not a privilege—that’s why they approve everyone.
  • That’s right—NO credit check, deposit, or SSN/I.D. is required to get hooked up with same-day service from the power pros at Peso.

Simple account maintenance
It can be frustrating trying to remember multiple account logins and navigating complicated sites when you want to check-in on your electricity account status.

  • Peso Power offers easy, efficient account access. You can choose to receive or review your account information online, by phone, or by reading the data on your user-friendly Smart Meter.
  • Worried your prepaid plan might be running low on funds? Don’t! You can depend on Peso Power to send important alerts straight to your phone and/or email when your balance drops below a certain amount.
  • From here, you can easily add funds to tide your account over until the end of the billing cycle.

Top tools of the trade
Old, outdated equipment, or companies that do not offer transparent communication about your household’s data usage are red flags.

  • When you pick Peso Power’s prepaid electricity plan, you can track your home’s power usage clearly from the modern, user-friendly Smart Meter monitor right in your home.
  • You can also stay on top of your family’s power usage via email alerts and account access, even from your phone or other mobile device!
  • By tracking your home’s power usage in real-time, you can cut back wherever you need to in order to stay focused and financially-savvy as far as your prepaid power budget is concerned.

Now is the time to start saving with a prepaid power plan from Peso Power.

Call, email, or visit and get connected as soon as the same day you sign up. NO credit check, NO deposit, and NO I.D. or SSN requirements will keep you from being approved with Peso Power.

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