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Why You Should Choose Prepaid Electricity in Texas

In today’s unpredictable times, most consumers are looking for ways to save as much money as possible. Thanks to the global pandemic, people from all walks of life are feeling a financial strain, and cutting back on monthly expenses is a common solution to making each dollar stretch.

Typically, your monthly electric bill isn’t thought to be an area with much “wiggle room.” Consumers are accustomed to being stuck paying the power bill on time, every time, no matter what the amount due may be, or else risk having your service disconnected.

Paying for power usage after the consumption has occurred is known as postpaid electricity.

Who qualifies for prepaid electricity?

  • Are you a resident of Texas living in a deregulated area? If so, you have the ability to choose your power provider—which can mean major savings for your household!
  • Instead of being forced to use the power services of only one provider, which is known as having a monopoly over an industry, consumers living in deregulated areas can benefit from competing companies.
  • This competition between providers results in lower rates to attract more customers—a win-win situation for deregulated residents!

What is a prepaid electricity plan?

  • Prepaid electricity plans allow consumers to pay for their usage ahead of time—that is, before the usage occurs. Also known as “pay-as-you-go” power plans, these packages are increasingly popular because they put the consumer in control, instead of the utility company.
  • Peso Power is the #1 Texas provider of prepaid electricity plans. In addition to offering unbeatable rates and dependable service, you can get hooked up with one of Peso’s power plans as soon as the same day you enroll!

How hard is it to sign up with Peso Power?

  • Is your credit in less-than-stellar shape? No problem! Peso Power believes that all residents need and deserve access to power plans they can afford and count on—that’s why when you sign up with Peso, you can benefit from their NO credit check, NO deposit, and NO I.D. or SSN required policies! At Peso, everyone gets approved!
  • Tech-savvy digital devices called Smart Meters are installed in customers’ homes. These forward-thinking tools record and transmit a household’s power usage in real time, which customers can access and use to stay on top of their consumption habits.
  • The ability to see and monitor electricity usage also affords customers the power to cut back in whatever areas needed to stay on-track with their prepaid power plan.
  • Enrollment is easy, and so is maintaining your account. Peso’s customers can track their data from the Smart Meter’s user-friendly monitor, in addition to accessing and reviewing this information online.
  • Alerts will also be sent to customers if/when their prepaid account balance drops too low so they can add funds if they choose.

Stop wasting money each month on over-inflated postpaid power plans you can’t control—prepaid plans from Peso Power put you in charge!

Instead of dropping money on a needless, hefty deposit, use that money (as well as all the cash you’ll start saving by tracking your energy usage ahead of time) for other important expenses or savings—the choice is yours!

Are you ready to start saving with Peso Power? Call, email, or visit and get connected today—NO credit check, NO deposit, and NO SSN or I.D. required!

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